Be aware of Fake Knives: They Are Unsafe!

Knives are  very important for our daily work. They show their usefulness when it comes to cooking, cutting and resizing and in other purposes. We can even use them to defend ourselves if the situation requires extreme measures. All these should motivate us learn more about this essential tool.

If you are a passionate knife collector or simply enjoy having quality items, since you are willing to pay good money for that, then you will appreciate this article that tries to explain how to distinguish a fake knife from an original one.

Nowadays, fake knives abound on the market and are more and more similar to the original ones. Hence, it is very difficult to distinguish the original knife from the fakes. Pay much attention when buying a knife otherwise you can become the victim of scams.

Here are some tips on how to single out  a fake knife from an original one

Avoid deals that sound “too good to be true”


It is in the human nature to buy something cheap, especially when associated with intense publicity. We are tempted to ask ourselves why should we buy at higher costs when we could get a cheap one. It is logic to take advantage of a good deal but when you  see a $200 knife selling for only $20 then you should stop being naive and head the other way.

Don’t buy the “story”

Remember you  buy the product not the story. Every website tries to create a great story to convince you to  buy their product but you should take your time and consider your own reasons before finishing the purchase.  It is charming to hear the stories of happy, satisfied customers(sometimes celebrities are brought in to provide credibility), to see the ways the product could improve your life, etc .


You should concentrate more on the item itself and less on the subjective, often highly paid, publicity. Make your own research, see what common people say on forums, big sites( like Amazon for example), check out video tutorials and, if possible, go to a local store and test the product yourself. A good way to avoid a scam is to buy the product from the producer home site or its official partners. A research says that most of the counterfeit knives are sold in the street market and they are faked by the Asian knife makers.

Most Commonly Counterfeited Brands of Knives

There are a lot of knives on the market. Well known knife brands like Global knife, Dark Ops, Cold Steel, Smith & Wesson are the often victims of counterfeiting. Pay extra attention when you intend to buy any of these brands. These knives are preferred by the counterfeiters as they are costly and popular.

Standard Methods of Identifying Counterfeit Knives

It is not easy to identify fake knives but it is not impossible. You should pay attention to six factors.

fake knives vs originals

  1. First you should have a close look to the knife’s handle. If you find out dimples and they are in straight line then it is OK. If the dimples are equal to each other, then follow the blade.
  2. The blade should be 2 mm thick on the unused side and the sharp side will be constantly thick otherwise it is fake. If you can find the logo painted then it is a fake.
  3. Every knife should have a model number.
  4. When you take the knife in hand and feel that the fingers are not perfectly set in then it is certainly a fake. You have to test it by cutting an onion or something like that. An original knife will be smooth in cutting.
  5. Next you can feel the weight of the knife. If you have ever used an original knife then there is no way you could be fooled by a counterfeited one.
  6. Finally, this is the easiest way to identify an original knife: the shake test. Every knife has sand in its handle. It is very important to have sand for balancing the knife. One can hear the noise of the moving sand by shaking the knife.

Identifying Fake Cold Steel Knives

Cold steel Knives are very popular among all kind of knives. That is why they are replicated more than any other knives on the market.  To identify the Fake Cold steel knife, first, you should take a close look to the knife’s blade. It should be rather black  than the steel colour.


Then check out the knife’s  finishing. A Cold Steel knife is always perfectly finished. The blade should be definitely fixed. The sharp part of the blade should be smooth and shiny. At a close look you should find the laminate line. Next check the lock mechanism. It should  be strong otherwise it would be dangerous to use. Also, give special attention to the knife’s handle. If you look closely, you would find poor workmanship.

People around the world are very busy nowadays. They have no time to waste, especially on researching a small thing like a knife. But why would you waste your money buying a counterfeited product? Use your intuition and do a small research to save both your money and time!

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