Best 4 Multi-tool Pocket Knives

When searching for the best multi-tool pocket knife on the market, there is one brand in particular that really stands out.  The Leatherman range of Multi-tool pocket knives has been a front runner for quality and durability since the company was founded in 1983.  American made, the company prides itself on producing versatile, functional and quality products.  It isn’t difficult to see their commitment to quality when taking a closer look at the impressive range of Multi-tool pocket knives in their catalogue.  We’ve gone and found four of the best in the Leatherman range, and have explored each model in detail.  Let’s see what they have on offer:

Leatherman 830039 New Wave Multitool with Leather/Nylon Combination Sheath

Arguably the most popular full-sized tool in the Leatherman range has just had a few tweaks done.  And according to the manufacturers, this has made it better than ever.  Boasting larger knives, stronger pliers and all-locking blades makes the New Wave a stand out in essential equipment.  Whether it is for an adventure or used as part of the job, the New Wave offers a heap of functional tools that are compacted into 4 inches of versatility.  With a total of sixteen accessories included in the New Wave multi-tool, as well as a variety of tool bit accessories for extra convenience.  It’s easy to see why this is such a popular product.

Everything that you could possibly need to get the job done is conveniently housed in this comfortable and sturdy multi-tool.

Leatherman 830039 New Wave Multi-Tool

Leatherman Charge TTi Multi-Tool

Another stellar product from Leatherman is their Charge TTi Multi-Tool.  All of Leatherman’s products boast the 25-year guarantee, and many of the products have lasted much longer than that.  The designers behind the Charge TTi multi-tool combined the most requested features into one functional tool.  Taking the idea of being functional, comfortable as well as attractive to new heights with this model.  In addition to being versatile, the sculpted titanium handle makes sure that the 420HC Stainless Steel accessories are housed safely.

Including a variety of tools such as a square driver #1 and #2, eyeglass screwdriver as well as seventeen additional tools.  The Charge TTi has everything that you could need in a multi-tool, and then some.

Leatherman Charge TTi Multi-Tool

Leatherman 830846 Skeletool Multitool

One of the newer models in the Leatherman range includes the exceptionally lightweight Skeletool.  At a tiny 5 ounces, the new, full-sized multi-tool maintains the trusted Leatherman quality, while stripping unnecessary bulk away.  Taking a leaf out of the ever evolving need for less being more, Leatherman came up with a functional and compact multi-tool.  More impressive is that this multi-tool doesn’t need a sheath or tote in order to keep it close at hand.  Housing seven different tools as well as four screwdriver sizes, the lightweight frame is not to be overlooked.

While lighter than any of the other Leatherman models, the Skeletool doesn’t compromise on the quality that you look for in a sturdy but compact multi-tool.

Leatherman 830846 Skeletool Multi-ToolLeatherman 74204003K Juice CS4 Pocket Multi-Tool, Glacier Blue

The second largest Juice model in the Leatherman range, the CS4 is just as effective as the bigger model, while being compact enough to fit into a purse.  This is a great tool for smaller hands, which still want the same effectiveness of larger Multi-Tools.  Aspiring campers and DIY enthusiasts will appreciate the textured aluminum handle that comes in anodized Glacier blue.  The CS4 is packed with fourteen of the most essential tools you could need, as well as the extremely useful addition of serrated scissors.

The CS4 was designed for efficiency, while being extremely user friendly.  Helping keep everyone looking for an effective multi-tool happy.

Leatherman 74204003K Juice CS4 Pocket Multi-Tool

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