Best Pocket Knife Display Cases

Hobby knows no bound. Gardening, stamp and coin collecting, fishing are very main stream hobbies. Now the people of this century have given a new dimension of holding a hobby. There are a lot of people who are holding a hobby which is very peculiar and wondering to us. As a result, they try to hide this hobby from mass. They silently keep collecting their beloved things and take deep pleasure in doing so. They silently do it because there is a chance to misunderstand these people.

Knife collection is such a hobby. A pocket knife is a very attractive thing and there is no surprise that anyone can have a desire to collect them. Many people think that collecting knife is not a good hobby. There is a strong reason behind their thinking. The knife is a very dangerous thing and it can easily take any life. But if we know how to use a knife and how to collect knifes then it can be a great hobby as well as not injurious to other. We must collect some cases to show our knives and to make sure that they are away from the children. There are many kinds of knife cases here we will know about 3 most beautiful and safe cases for your knives from Amazon.

Knife Display Case Shadow Box, with Glass Door, Wall Mountable (Cherry Finish)

If you have a few collections of knives or you have a lot of knives but you want to keep some of them aside then it will be your greatest option. This case can hold 6/7 knives. The dimension of this case is 10″H X 12″W X 2 “D and weight (net) 3 lbs. This case is made from 100% solid wood. It is decorated with a hinged glass door which will protect your knives from dust. Your knives will not move inside the case because of the velvet cover inside the box. You can hang it on the wall and there is no confusion that it will give a great display of tour knives.

Pocket Knife Display Case shadow box, with glass door, Cherry Finish (KC02-CH)
Pocket Knife Display Case Cabinet Shadow Box, Glass Door, Wall Mountable (Cherry Finish)

To keep your knives harmless and to make sure a great exposure of your knives this case will be the perfect one for you. This case has enough space to hold 22/23 pocket knives. Its dimension is 16.5 x 2.4 x 16.5 inches and weight is 5 pounds. It has soft foam inside to protect the knives. A clear glass door assures you a great display of your knives. You can hang it on the wall with the help of the metal bracket in the back of this case. It can be a nice gift for anyone who loves to collect knives.

Collector’s Choice Knife Display Case Cabinet, Tool Storage Cabinet, Solid Wood, Gallery Quality (Natural Finish)

If you are very much passionate knife collector then this one is the best for you. It is decorated with 5 drawers which will give you enough space to keep your valuable knives safe. You can hold minimum 100 knives in this case cabinet depending on the size of the knives. The drawers are well mated with fabric to hold your knife tightly and to prevent them from dust. Every drawer of this case cabinet can be locked and this will keep away your knives from uninvited people’s hand. Its dimension is 13.25″H X 23″W X 12″D and Weight (net): 28 lbs Other Measurements are Top box interior is 20 1/4″L X 1.5″H X 10″W, Drawers: 4 Drawers in the middles are 7 3/4″ W X 9 1/2″D X 2 1/4″H Bottom Drawers: 17 1/2″W X 9 1/2″D X 2 1/4″HThese cases will give you a great pleasure as a knife collector.

They are enough to fulfill your every requirement. So there is nothing to be worried. Get any of these cases and keep the children away from the knives.


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