Best Pocket Knife Guide

Why Should We Have a Pocket Knife?

If there is one thing that everyone should have, it is a portable pocket knife. Of course, a pocket knife is a very useful tool for just about anything and so, every pocket knife deserves a place in our pockets. This is not something new for human instincts. In fact, archaeologists found traces and evidence that the early people had stone knives which they continuously worked on for improvement. They must have sensed the endless capabilities of a knife that they constantly found ways to produce better quality blade edges by heating the knife through fire. Several thousand years after that, the once stone knife became an advanced, efficient pocket knife suitable and appropriate for any purposes. These pocket knives have new added features and improved blade and steel quality which offer safety and reliability at a higher level. With the advancement of technology, there is a mass-produced creation of knives that are durable and stronger than ever before, with weight-lightness and an option for appealing designs. Pocket knives have been the most successful inventions made by man and have built up their reputation because of their usefulness. The question left to be answered, however, is why we should have a pocket knife. Well, why exactly?

Flexibility – The most basic reason why everyone should have a pocket knife is simply because of the knives’ all around purposes. Almost all men find the effectiveness of pocket knives through experiences and unexpected events themselves. Many would testify that a pocket knife has been very much useful in times they thought they didn’t need. Anywhere and anytime, a pocket knife is just as useful as a whole set of tools composed of screwdrivers, scissors, ice picks and etc. With its lightness and convenience, many people will choose to buy a pocket knife right away and keep it like an important body extension.

Preparedness – Every Boy Scout is prepared all the time. Everyone should, too. Natural disasters and unanticipated incidents may come up anytime and being equipped with a pocket knife might be very essential in surviving. We don’t know what would come in the future, so being extremely prepared is an utmost necessity. A pocket knife should be ready anytime and anywhere when the situation calls for it.

Protection – When faced with a risky and perilous situation, a pocket knife can always  come to the rescue. A pocket knife is not designed to be a weapon so it wouldn’t be able to make such an ideal and effective weapon against attackers; however, during these times, it does not hurt to threaten any aggressor with the tool to make an ample time to run from it. A Pocket knife can technically serve as a self-defense tool when needed.

These three reasons are the most fundamental ideas that we should always remember. It is very important to be flexible, prepared and protected when faced with any type of occasion. In these important times, a knife in our pockets might just save the day.

Which Knife Should I Buy

When on the market exists that many pocket knifes choosing the best one for you can be a little tricky especially if you don’t have some good resources from where you can choose from. To be able to choose the perfect pocket knife for your needs I have build an comparation chart with best recommended pocket knives to choose from.

Recommended Pocket Knives


Check out this pocket knife comparison charts to be see what kind of knifes are there and better sort them over.

Below are some of the recommended pocket knives that you can use:

Smith & Wesson CK5TBS Bullseye Extreme

Smith & Wesson CK5TBS Bullseye Extreme

The Smith & Wesson CK5TBS Extreme Ops serrated knife is ideal for camping, hunting, fishing, and a host of other applications. The folding knife offers a comfortable black aircraft aluminum handle that measures 4.06 inches long, along with a 3.22-inch partially serrated stainless tanto blade that cuts through everything from vegetables to fishing line. The blade also secures tightly via the liner lock, but opens quickly with either hand thanks to the thumb rest and dual thumb studs. Other features include a stainless pocket clip and a lanyard hole. The knife weighs 2.8 ounces and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

Kershaw Ken Onion Leek Folding Knife

Kershaw Ken Onion Leek Folding Knife

The Leek series includes some of Kershaw’s most popular knives, and the K.O. Leek serrated folding knife is no exception.

With SpeedSafe, the user can smoothly and easily deploy the blade with one hand, either left or right. This makes it ideal for sporting and work situations in which one-handed opening is easier and safer, such as when hunting, fishing, or working with your hands on the job site. The K.O. Leek also sports a bead-blasted stainless-steel handle, which gives the knife a sleek, cutting-edge look.



Buck 110

Buck 110

Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunter is an American Original! The 110 was first made by Buck Knives in 1964, introducing Buck’s breakthrough locking folder system, and remains a mainstay in the line today. It is one of the knife industries most imitated designs. The 110 features a 3-3/4″ clip point 420HC Stainless Steel Blade. It is 4-7/8″ long closed and weighs 7.2 oz. The 110 Folding Hunter features natural woodgrain handles with polished brass bolsters, and comes with a black leather sheath

Spyderco Tenacious

Spyderco Tenacious

.The Spyderco Tenacious has been around for a few years, the 8Cr13Mov stainless blade is leaf-shaped and ground flat from spine to cutting edge for cutting performance. The blade’s shape coupled with an oversized Spyderco Round Hole and textured spine jimping allow you to open the blade and position your thumb on the spine in slip-proof confidence ready for work.

What’s Important in Choosing the Best Pocket Knife?

A pocket knife can be said to have replaced dogs as man’s best friend. Every man—and woman, in some cases—just needs a pocket knife for daily use and for all-around purposes. From opening tin cans to cutting hard woods, pocket knives are essentially useful and most of the time, needed. Such is its practical application in a typical person’s life that various companies have resorted to producing pocket knives due its non-ending demand. As a result, there are many kinds of pocket knives available in the hard ware stores today. Even then, these knives might not be the most suitable one. Aside from the effective sales talk and catching advertisement, it is still important to know some factors in determining the perfect and most appropriate pocket knife.

  • Features or Functions

It is significant to note on what purpose the pocket knife is intended for; hence, the functionality of the entire tool must be primarily taken into consideration. Since the ancient times, single blade pocket knives have been used either for fishing, hunting or cutting, or even for opening letters. Single or few blades pocket knives are ideal in these purposes since only one function is needed. But when finding for a pocket knife that contains a lot of features and can do more functions than a single blade, a multi-purpose knife is the best option. Aside from a blade or two, several features of a multi-purpose knife include can openers, screw drivers, scissors or a nail file. A perfect example for this knife is the Swiss Army Pocket Knife known for its many features attachment and user-friendliness.

  • Quality

After choosing what type of pocket knife suits best, next stop is evaluating the quality of the tool. Usually, the blade and steel influences the function of the knife, so it’s very important that the type of blade and steel is excellent for use and durability. Almost all knives make use of blades all the times so finding the right combination will ensure a good selection of a pocket knife. Some of the best blade steel types are S30V and ATS-34 which offer toughness and rust-resistance.

  • Usability

Usability is an important factor in choosing the best pocket knife. When carrying or using the knife, it is mostly preferred that it is handled conveniently entailing both a smaller size and a lighter weight for the knife. Most people would prefer bringing something of great use without going through much of a hassle. It is always recommended to find a pocket knife with good quality and features that does not weigh heavy. The handle also contributes to the over-all usage of a pocket knife since it offers users a good grip. Many handles come in different types which include rubber, plastic, wood or leather. Among these, wood is an excellent choice because it is sturdy, classic and can last for a long time.

These three factors are important when choosing a pocket knife. The chosen best knife might be painful for the wallet but technically, the over-all quality still exceeds the price especially after being used. The technique, however, is finding the perfect balance of these three aspects without having to pay too much.

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