Best Single Blade Pocket Knives

From the very beginning of the human civilization knife has been one of the most essential tools for serving various purposes. Even in this modern life the necessity of knife is not dimmed a bit. Knife is still serving its great service in a wide range from household purposes to merely cut papers. The passage of time has brought ample changes in the shape and function of knifes. The Stone Age has seen knives made from stones. Through different stages, the shapes as well as the materials used to make knives has undergone gradual changes. Now a day we have got knives of a considerable number of designs and types. Single blade pocket knife is such a type. Pocket knives are becoming popular day by day for some obvious reasons. The main reason of the ever growing popularity of pocket knife is its compactness. Pocket knives are easy to carry and convenient for numerous purposes.

Such overwhelming popularity of pocket knives has led to the creation many different designs. Today there are different types of single blade pocket knives having different useful features. To help people in selecting the most convenient pocket knife, the main features of best 5 single blade pocket knives based on the customer reviews is given below:

110-9210 Folding Hinter Lock-Back knife is one of the most popular single blade pocket knives available in the 110-9210 Folding Hinter Lock-Backmarket which is manufactured by Buck Knives. Best known for its premium quality this knife has been quite successful in maintaining its good reputation. This foldable knife has a lock-back design with nail-notch. This beautiful knife can be opened as well as closed easily that makes it positive from the point of safety issues. The most significant feature of this knife is its stainless clip blade of 3 inches that makes the knife capable of doing detail works. The stylish handle of this knife that is made of natural wood and polished brass provides a firm base for holding apart from giving it a stylish outlook. This knife comes with a black genuine leather sheath. 110-9210 Folding Hinter Lock-Back knife offers lifetime warranty without imposing any condition that makes it useable for almost the whole of your life.

Pardue Design Mini-Griptillian Combo Edge Knife manufactured by bench-made is another popular one Pardue Design Mini-Griptillian Combo Edge Knifeblade pocket knife. The knife is quite successful so far in drawing customer attention for its greatly useful features. This pocket knife has a textured handle that is very strong and light in weight. The handle is lined with dual 410 liners of stainless steel adding additional strength.  The blade of the knife is made of 154-CM stainless steel with ambidextrous opener holes. An amazing feature of the knife is that it is reversible to make it convenient for both left and right handed people. The AXIS lock of this knife is quite easy quite easy to open and close that makes it safe to use.

Kershaw Ken Onion Leek Knife is considered to be one of the best single blade pocket knives according to the Kershaw Ken Onion Leek Knifecustomer reviews which is ideal for fishing, hunting and working in single blade friendly situations. This knife features the latest SpeedSafe operating system that makes the users able to use it smoothly as well as deploying the blade easily just with one hand. This really useful knife has bead-blasted handle of stainless steel which bestows the knife a cutting edge and sleek look. This knife gives several handle options to select the appropriate one. The available handle types are red anodized handle of aluminum, black DLC coated tungsten handle and rainbow leek titanium handle. The knife has a pocket clip that allows you to clip the knife on your pocket. The frame lock of the knife helps to lock the blade when it is deployed. Another important feature is the thumb stud that makes single handed opening much easier.

Best known for its compact design Gerber STL 2.0 Fine Edge Knife from the house of Gerber knives is another best Gerber STL 2.0 Fine Edge Knifequality knife that can be placed among the best one blade pocket knives of this time. The most impressive feature of this pocket knife is its compact design and light weight. This useful pocket knife has got a slim design. The thickness of the knife is equal to the thickness of three quarters. The knife has an unbelievable weight of just 1 ounce that is very much convenient to carry it in the pocket comfortably. The 2.1 inch sharp edge blade of the knife has a cut out in it that enables single handed opening. The stainless handle of the knife is thin enough and has a lanyard hole and an easy to use frame lock to ensure safety.  The titanium coating of the handle assures better corrosion resistance. The blade of the knife is made of surgical grade stainless steel that assures top quality service and durability. The overall length of the knife is 5.1 inches while it measures 3 inches when closed. Gerber STL 2.0 Fine Edge Knife comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

A03-P Architech Damascus Knife by SOG Specialty Knives is the most popular luxurious one blade pocket A03-P Architech Damascus Knife by SOG Specialty Knivesknife available in the market. This exquisite knife has some exclusively latest features. The knife is made with an excellent combination of Architech knife and Japanese Damascus. In Japanese Damascus, San Mai core, stainless steel and nickel layers are used that makes it ultimately durable. The steel that is used in this knife is forged repetitively in order to create a striking pattern. Finally it is etched by acid to give a polished finish. The straight finished folding blade of the knife has got a clip pointed shape that ensures a deeper as well as quicker puncture that enables the users to finish any task quickly. The specialized Arc Lock function of the knife renders lightning quick and single handed convenient single handed opening as well as closing. Overall, the knife is 8 inches long with a thickness of 0.15 inch and weight of 4.5 ounce. This high performance knife comes with lifetime manufacturer warranty that assures protection against manufacturing defects.

According to the customer reviews these pocket knives are ranked as the best 5 single blade pocket knives available in the market. Hopefully the salient features of these pocket knives would be helpful in choosing the proper one.

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