Buck Pocket Knives

logo-bkWith over 100 years of experience in the knife industry, Buck is a world-renowned company with rich history that produces some of the most famous knives in the industry. The word “buck knife” that is commonly associated with most pocket knives comes from this company who invented this type of folding knife in 1964. This first folding knife was known as the “Model 410 Folding Hunter”, and its design is used by every knife company to this day.

When you purchase a knife from Buck, you are getting one of the highest quality knives that money can buy. Buck is dedicated to quality production and state of the art engineering. Their knives are strong and tough enough to be used in the most extreme conditions. They are committed to using superior materials that will allow your knife to last a lifetime.


The history of Buck Knives dates all the way back to 1902 when young blacksmith named Hoyt Buck was looking for a better way to strengthen steel so it would hold an edge longer. This led to the first Buck knife ever produced, and has continued into a legacy.

Buck began crafting knives by hand in his home in 1941. It was at this time that he began to produce knives for US army troops that were fighting in WWII. After the war, Buck moved from his home in Idaho to San Diego, CA where he set up his first shop with his son. “H.H Buck & Son” was started in 1947 and produced approximately 25 knives a week until Buck’s death in 1949.

The knife business stayed in the family, however, and the Buck has now been in operation for five generations. It was in 1964, that the buck knife was revolutionized with the invention of the Folding Hunter. This was the first folding knife, and it could do the job just as well as a fixed blade. This invention changed the world of knives, and the “buck knife” quickly became one of the most popular types of knife in the world.

The Buckmaster, a survival knife introduced in 1984 became one of the most popular knives of its time. The 7.5 inch blade with a serrated spine and prongs was advertised especially to those who were fans of the popular Rambo movies, as well as those with ties to the military. The Buckmaster was quickly followed by the M9 Bayonet, which was manufactured and sold to the US Army.


Buck is known for its variety of quality knife production. The company is most famous for the invention of the first folding knife, yet is a top producer in sport and field knives as well. Buck’s top quality hunting knives are a favorite amongst all types of game hunters. Their large variety is also a favorite amongst policemen, firefighters, and soldiers, as Buck has something for everyone. Every Buck product also comes with their 4-Ever Lifetime Warranty.

Buck 110 Folding Hunter

Buck-110BRS-Fld-Hunting-3-3This is the classic folding knife that was invented and introduced to the market in 1964. This knife opens and closes easily, and its timeless, sturdy design will never go out of style.




Buck 55 Hunter

Buck-Knives-5684-Folding-HunterThis smaller version of the Buck 110 folding knife is perfect for those that prefer a smaller knife. It’s about half the size and weighs just over 2 ounces. This is the perfect starter knife for the young outdoors person.





Buck Legacy Series

This is the original design of Buck knives, and has held its promise of durability and strength for over 100 years. There are a variety of styles to choose from in the Legacy Series collection of fixed blade knives.

These are only a few samples of the wide variety that Buck carries. When looking for unsurpassed quality and a company with years of dedication, look no farther than Buck. When you use a knife from Buck, you will know why this company has been a leader for over a hundred years.

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