How to Close a Locked Pocketknife

How to Close a Locked PocketknifePocket knives are in all cases foldable, and in order to be able to use them properly, once unfolded, they need to be locked in place.

Once you unfold your pocket knife, it stays locked in place so that you could use it without the risk of the knife folding while you use it and cutting your fingers.

However, folding a knife back can sometimes be an annoyance, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Every folding knife has a lever, a small moveable part that keeps the blade in place. That’s what you’re looking for, and that’s what you need to move in order to fold the knife back.

There are two most common types of locks for the foldable blades. One is called the liner, or the Walker lock, while the other one is called Lockback.

On the Walker lock, you want to press diagonally against the tang of the knife while the blade is open. While pressing the tang, use your thumb to push the lever, which will release the lock and you can fold your knife. Make sure to fold your knife against your body, or your leg, so that your fingers are not in the way of the blade.

With Lockback type of blade, the lever is mostly found on the backside of the open knife. It’s a very simple, yet very strong mechanism.

Once the blade is open, it’s the tang itself that is the lock and keeps the blade in place, so you need to press the lever in or to either side of the blade in order to release the lock.

Even though many people find pocket knives confusing to fold, they always have a simple, yet strong mechanism that needs a little bit of pressure applied in order to fold them back.

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