How to Fix a Loose Pocket Knife Blade

pocket knifePocket knives are one of the essentials of every traveller. Be it a hiker, biker or a camper, everyone needs a good pocket knife.

Even if you’re not a frequent traveller, but an ordinary person doing his best to maintain his house, having a pocket knife around can always be helpful.

Pocket knives and foldable blades are fairly universal in their use. They can be used for anything, from opening packages, to cutting meat, to surviving in the wilderness for days.

However, they can sometimes loosen, be it from frequent use, or normal wear and tear, pocket knives can sometimes get too easy to unfold, can move from side to side (not something you’d want), and in that situation can sometimes cause an injury.

Even though replacing the pocket knife would be the best solution, sometimes a fix is good enough.

A loose pocket knife just needs to be tightened up, and that (in most cases) just requires tightening the screw that holds the blade in place.

Many people complain about rattling in their pocket knives, and even the best pocket knives manufacturers sometimes suffer from the exact same issue.

Any knife, no matter who made it, can suffer from a loose blade, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fixable.

To fix a loose blade, you’ll need the following:

1 – A screwdriver, 2 – blue threadlock fluid.

While holding the back of the knife with one hand, remove the screw at the top of the handle.

After that, take the blue threadlock and apply it into the hole for the screw. If you want to, you can also apply the threadlock on the screw, but in most cases it’s not necessary. Make sure not to use red threadlock, because it’s not as effective.

As soon as you apply blue threadlock, put the screw back in, and adjust it until it’s somewhat tight.

Make sure you don’t apply too much pressure.

After that, you’ll notice that the blade is very hard to get out. In case it’s too hard, try to adjust the position of the screw until you get the right feeling on how hard the unfolding of the blade should be.

After that, there should be no side to side movement, and the blade should not wobble.

Give the blue threadlock some 24 hours to harden, and after that – it’s fixed.

If the blade still rattles after this procedure, I advise you to return it because it’s most likely defective.

If you can’t fix your loose blade only with the steps above then check the below videos:

Also a good resource that can help you fix a loose pocket knife blade can be seen here:

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