Simple and Weird Automatic Pocket Knife

If you are looking for the best small automatic pocket knife, you have to follow some simple but weird tips to find out the best one. Pocket knives will differ in terms of style, size and its multi-dimensional usage. You should choose the one which can serve your purpose. This article will take you through which one you should look for. Let’s know about three best small pocket knives out in the market.

Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) M16

Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) M16The M16-01KZ zytel foldable pocket knife from CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool) uses impale thin knife with a very sharp border. Perfect for fine cutting and chiseling projects, the blade is made with stainless steel and 8CR15MoV high-carbon, which provides the best arrangement of sturdiness and edge-holding ability in a working blade and also allows painless sharpening system. It comes with simple and swift opening and closing which made the knife most preferable. Kit Carson is the designer of this unique small pocket knife. He became famous because of his customization of titanium structure of this M16. The production of M16 automatic knife has been take step with the addition of automated locks which automatically let the blade open from the cover. The cover is made with fiberglass elements. CRKT overbuilds it for hardness, using strong cup loaded plastic back spacers. The holder is made with offset fasteners of Torx. Evidently, it also features with the trademark of “Carson Flipper” extension to the automatic knife, which helps to open and function as a supplementary guard of blade.

Cold Steel Recon 1

Cold Steel Recon 1Cold Steel, a Florida based knife manufacturer which was established in 1980 and this company offers a variety of good automatic pocket knives, fighting equipments, and machetes at cheap prices. Cold Steel also has bi-annual manufacturer which made second sales of their products. The Cold Steel Recon 1 is a rationally designed knife that has an AUS-8A Teflon covered blade to avoid fierce look, look challenging, and prevent friction. The knife if featured with a thumb stub which makes it great to use. This AUS-8A is made with top quality Japanese steel that is much better than other metals in this price range. The four inch long knife gives you facility for cutting, dicing, and easy to carry in your pocket. This automatic knife has a thumbs stub that opens the knife with ease. It comes with a flexible stud. The knife has a securing handle that is super challenging and durable. Once you purchase the knife, the secure will be challenging but, after time, the secure will break in. The secure creates the knife feel very secure. The handle of the knife does not have a steel lining but, given that it is made of G-10, the handle is not cheap and enhances the secure very well.

XM-2TS by Ontario

XM-2TS by Ontario“Ontario” is a popular knife producer which manufactures lots of army knives. Ontario was shortened for many popular army blades such as M7 bayonet, M1942 machete, and USAF knife for survival. Given that, their small knives are all well developed and built for the toughest uses. The XM-2TS, the second in the XM sequence, is promoted as extreme military” and is created in Italy. The knife is made of fully of steel and does not use any fiber part. This gives the knife a very durable feel. The knife is created of N690Co stainless-steel and functions a lining secure. The knife is partly serrated for reducing string and other natural items. The knife has a super sharp point that is clearly made for stabbing

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