Smith &Wesson CK5TBS Bullseye Extreme Review

Smith & Wesson CK5TBS Bullseye Extreme

Unlike any knife manufacturers, Smith & Wesson is a company that generally produces firearms for military and police purposes, with the headquarters located at Springfield, Massachusetts. Smith & Wesson is one of the most recognized brands in the world focusing on the designing and manufacturing of tools for weapons and protection. As such, almost every military of law enforcement institutions across the globe have used guns, revolvers, or other accessories made from Smith & Wesson because of their solid level of durability.

Aside from the production of guns and firearms, Smith & Wesson is also a trusted company when it comes to the engineering and creation of knives including the pocket knives. These knives are strategically used and enforced in military-based activities which produce efficient functionality in every related activities. With decades of wide knowledge acquisition and research, Smith & Wesson has proven itself to be the most reliable and efficient manufacturer of pocket knives for different situations. One perfect example of pure excellence in the field of pocket knives is Smith &Wesson CK5TBS Bullseye Extreme Ops 4.1′ 40% Serrated Black Tanto Blade.


  • The ideal knife for all activities

Smith and Wesson’s Bullseye Extreme Ops is very efficient in cutting through anything from letters to vegetables. Smith & Wesson has also integrated the design and structure of firearms in making pocket knives to contain high functionality for all types of activities and for different people of professions to use.

  • Convenience in black aircraft aluminum handle

Aircraft Aluminum has the edge of containing high values in strength, flexibility and rigidity in whatever material they are incorporated with. The handle, in a deeper sense, is a significant part in every knife because they serve as the base point in exerting the level of control needed to use the knife. A handle of a Bullseye Extreme Ops is definitely very user-friendly and easy to grip.

  • Partially serrated 3.22-inch stainless tanto blade

A knife with partially serrated edge is a good compromise when needing both uses for push cuts using the plain edge and for stronger materials using the serrated edge.  In this knife, 40% of the blade is made of serrated edge and the other 60% for the plain edge. The stainless tanto blade also entails a more effective and harder steel blade with corrosion resistance for everyday’s use.

  • Thumb rest and dual thumb studs for ambidextrous opening

A good thumb rest in every knife will add control and leverage for more tedious works. A Bullseye Extreme Ops also has dual thumb studs with ambidextrous opening which helps knife users open their tools with great easiness and convenience using either the left or right hand.


  • Contains stainless pocket clip and lanyard hole, and weighs only 2.8 ounces!

Of course, what good does a knife has if it’s not easily accessed and used? Bullseye Extreme Ops includes a stainless pocket clip and lanyard hole so that every knife users can carry their tools anywhere and anytime. With the light weight of only 2.8 ounces, many users will find Bullseye Extreme Ops the most flexible and easy-to-carry knife of all time.

Smith & Wesson Bullseye Extreme Ops is definitely a must-have. Whether you’re collecting knives or looking for top-quality knives for work or personal purposes, Bullseye Extreme Ops is the best option.

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